Pure Almond Mylk = Pure Almond Goodness + Love

Make fresh almond mylk in seconds!

Our Nuts and Bolts

Only the best

We’ve used the best possible ingredients. Australian grown almonds. Himalayan pink salt. Vanilla extract.  and MCT oil. All responsibly sourced. Pure Almond Mylk is brimming with healthy, wholesome goodness, all around.


Key Benefits

|  More than just a nut butter.
|  More than just mylk.
|  Cares about the planet. Recyclable packaging used.
|  Fresh, instant Almond Mylk in 20 seconds!
|  Loves latte art. Stretches and textures beautifully.
|  Complements a variety of coffee flavours and aromas.
|  Shelf stable – 12 months.

Why Nuts by Nature?

And as a token of our love, for Earth and the environment, for sustainability and convenience, we’ve ensured a preservatives and additives-free product. Say no to nasties, with an honest non-compromised base.


Pure Almond Mylk that plays by coffee's rules