A Step-by-Step Guide to Nuts by Nature

You might be wondering why you would purchase an almond mylk that a) comes from a jar b) looks nothing like milk when you first purchase it and c) requires a tutorial video to know how to use it. Surely milk just pours from a carton and that’s that? Well, sure most milks do. But we aren’t most milks. 

If you want to find out all the ways that we are superior, we’ve had a little brag about ourselves here. 

But, if you just want to know what on earth we are all about, then allow us to explain. When you place milk in a carton you want it to last. Hello additives and preservatives. When you place milk in a carton you need the consistency to stay. Hello only a small percentage of almonds. When you place milk in a carton you’re limited in the amount of space you have. Hello limited number of servings. 

Now, condense almond mylk in it’s purest form down to a paste and put in a jar. What do you get? Nothing but natural ingredients, a higher percentage of almonds and almost three times the amount of servings. Have you attention? Great, here’s what you need to know. 

All you need is to purchase a jar, you can chose from our selection here. Then, grab a blender and dedicate just 30 extra seconds to your almond mylk making. It couldn’t be simpler. 

Here’s out step-by-step guide to making the mylk.

1) Get 200ml of water and a tea spoon of our almond mylk paste

2) Mix them together and place in blender for 30 seconds.

3) You should have a foamy, frothy texture 

4) Now you can use it just as you would your normal almond mylk


Try adding it so a smoothie....

Or your morning oats...

Looking for further instruction? There isn’t any. It’s that easy!