The reason for the creation

Being in the hospitality industry for over 10 years I've noticed a shift in customers attitude when it comes to  list of ingredients and nutritional panels on products.  The biggest disappointment was ingredients used in the non-dairy alternative milks available, and the lack of alternative healthy options. 

If you know me, you will know that I don't just settle for what it is, I work tirelessly until I find a solution that makes a difference in peoples lives.  

My mission was to create an Almond Mylk which was free from additives and preservatives, and only contained truly health benefiting ingredients and of course low carb/sugar free.  The catch was, it still had to play by coffee's rules;

1.  It must texture and stretch
2.  Allow beautiful latte art
3.  Resist splitting.
4.  It must compliment the flavor of the coffee.

Fast forward two years and I have now officially launched this amazing Almond Mylk Base which not only made the brief, it exceeds because it doesn't require refrigeration,  can make up to 16L of fresh Almond Mylk in one 500ml bottle of base, and has done cafe owners all a favor by eliminating the need to have cases of Almond Mylk stored in the cafe. 

Let's not forget all the families out there that would love to make their own fresh Almond Mylk but either don't have the time, or simply would rather avoid all the cleaning up that's required. 

Now its possible to make Almond Mylk at home and its soo easy!  No mess, no fuss, just healthy #Upgraded Almond Mylk on demand.

It's time to give your Almond Mylk and #Upgrade - your body will thank you for it!