With Pure Almond Mylk, we’ve thought of Everything! 


Q1. How do I store my Pure Almond Mylk bottle/jar?

Pure Almond Mylk requires no refrigeration. Just store your jar or bottle in a convenient spot in your pantry or storeroom. For Baristas, leave your 1L bottle on top of the coffee machine, as it is dispensed faster when warm!


Q2. Once I blend Pure Almond Mylk with water, how long will it last?

Your fresh Almond mylk will lastfor 3 days when refrigerated. Shake or stir your mylk before pouring, as settling may occur!


Q3. How long will my bottle/jar of Pure Almond Mylk last once it is opened?

The high healthy fat content in the almond base, and the Himalayan pink salt added to it, naturallypreserve this product, ensuring freshness up to the expiry date on the bottle/jar– without the need for refrigeration. Refrigeration will make the base hard and prevent the pump from working. That’s why placing the bottle on the warm top of your coffee machine works best.


Q4. Once I make Fresh Almond Mylk, can it be heated or frozen?

Yes! Play around with Pure Almond Mylk. It’s as perfect for your coffees, as it is for desserts and cakes. Pure Almond Mylk is an all-natural low-carb mylk that you can use anytime.


Q5. What can I do if dispensing from the bottle pump gets hard?

Separation of natural oil may occur in the bottle, as this product contains no emulsifiers or hardened fats. Dispensing tends to get hard if the bottle is not used for a while, withthe base losing some of its viscosity when the oil separates. This is absolutely normal. If this happens, simply remove the pumpfrom the bottle, andplace the bottle in a warm bath for a few minutes. Remove it from the bath and stir the bottom of the bottle using a clean long spoon. Pull the tube from the pump and rinse the tube under warm water to clear any obstruction. Push the tube back onto the pump, screw the pump onto the bottle and you’re good to go.


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